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Karndean Flooring in Croston

Karndean flooring in CrostonIf you need new flooring you should look at Karndean flooring in Croston at The Flooring Centre. Karndean is one of the most luxurious vinyl floors available. The range includes a number of simulated natural products like stone, wood and tiles. The exceptional quality of the Karndean floor means that you have a floor that closely resembles the natural product but without the draw backs. Stone is lovely to look at but is very cold. Karndean is thick and durable and warm under foot. Wood is beautiful and adds a wonderful glow to the room but it can absorb moisture and warp or rot. Tiles are cold and can chip whereas Karndean is easy to keep clean and shiny.

When you want to install the best floor covering in Croston, Karndean flooring is a superior quality vinyl made in a wide range of patterns. As it is one single piece of vinyl it cannot collect bacteria in cracks and crevasses. A simple sweep to remove the dust and a mop to remove the dirt once in a while is sufficient to keep your home hygienically clean. It does not collect dust like a carpet and is very suitable for families with allergies. The vinyl is very strong and will last for a very long time. Karndean is one of the most popular quality vinyl flooring world wide.

We supply Karndean flooring in Croston. Contact The Flooring Centre today or visit our showroom to see our extensive range of Karndean products. We are a family run business and have our own experienced team of fitters. We make it easy to order your new flooring by coming to your home after hours to do the measuring. WE are available on weekends or in the evening so that your busy routine is not disturbed. Once you have chosen your flooring our fitters will remove all the furniture from the room and the fitters will remove the existing flooring. Once they have installed the new floor they will vacuum up the waste and replace your furniture.