Ted Todd Floors

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Flooring made specifically with the discerning customer in mind, The Flooring Centre is delighted to supply a range of Ted Todd Flooring.

Real wood floors have something special about them, be it the atmosphere and ambience they create, the feel underfoot, or the individuality they represent.

Our Ted Todd selection showcases large sample panels so you can see exactly the effect created and we offer small hand samples to take away and match to furniture and fabric in the home.

With our very own design table work bench for you to use you can plan and envisage your floor and our expert team take the worry out of cleaning and maintenance as we will demonstrate how to preserve these spectacular floors.

The Ted Todd brand is committed to supplying wood floors that will last a lifetime and that do not have massive hidden environmental costs.  The company operates on simple rules, and we believe that their wood floors are beautiful to look at, warm to walk on and last for generations.

All Ted Todd floors are environmentally responsible this means that the company knows exactly where the timber originates from.  They operate a strict environmental and ethical policy, which means that they only deal with suppliers of raw timber that meet their exacting environmental criteria.

10 Reasons why to visit a Ted Todd showroom

  1. Large Sample Panels a large area of flooring to see exactly what it is you are choosing.
  2. Inspiration a large choice to help give you ideas and assist you to find what you need.
  3. Small hand samples to take away and match to furniture fabrics etc.
  4. Design Table work bench for you to use .
  5. Experts in wood fully trained staff to advise you on particular floors.
  6. Take the worry out of cleaning & maintenance – we will demonstrate how to clean and maintain your floor.
  7. Quality is difficult too describe over the phone .
  8. Construction our staff can unravel the differences between Ted Todd Quality.
  9. Installation we can give you an idea of what preperation work is involved.
  10. Price as a recommended Premier Ted Todd Showroom we are able to offer a better price .