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Wool Carpets in Leyland

Wool Carpets in LeylandWhen choosing carpet, wool carpets in Leyland from The Flooring Centre are offer too many benefits to disregard. Wool is a natural sustainable material that is luxurious, easy care and durable. If you have an active family, wool is up to the challenge. Wool is naturally flame retardant so use it throughout your home including the children’s bedrooms. Some people are allergic or sensitive to chemicals found in synthetic carpets. 100% wool does not contain those chemicals. In fact, wool is naturally hypoallergenic, impeding the growth of dust mites and allergens but it also acts as a filter helping to clean the air. Wool keeps the air in your home cleaner and fresher which benefits everyone.

Money spent on fine wool carpets at The Flooring Centre is well spent. Did you know in Leyland, wool carpets, properly cared for can last up to fifty or sixty years? Realistically, you can expect an easy twenty to thirty years of useful life from you wool carpets. The remarkable thing about that kind of longevity is that after thirty years of family wear and tear, the carpet still looks new. You would replace a synthetic carpet five or six times to one wool rug. When you are ready to replace your wool rug, don’t kick it to the kerb. It’s a natural fibre and totally recyclable. Wool in its natural state is neutral in colour and that suits most people but if that’s not you, wool is easily dyed any colour you want.

For the greatest selection of wool carpets in Leyland, contact The Flooring Centre. We are one of the largest flooring companies with decades of experience. Come meet our staff for a tour of our showrooms and take advantage of their immense knowledge in helping you make a decision. We are full service and customer friendly so count on us to follow through from helping you select your carpet to a perfect installation. Our professional installers are second to none with a perfect fit every time. Wool carpet appears at first to be the most expensive carpet you can buy. All things considered, once you do the math, wool carpet is the best buy on the market.