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Wool Mix Carpets in Tarleton

Wool Mix Carpets in TarletonWool mix carpets in Tarleton are soft, durable and practical. Wool can be dyed easily and when blended with synthetic fibres such as Nylon the durability of the wool is increased.  Blended wool yarns are extremely popular and come in an amazing array of colours and patterns. The reason for a wool mix carpet is so that you get the softness of the wool and the strength of the Nylon.  This is frequently a mix of 80% wool and 20% Nylon.  Wool is a natural insulator and is soft and resilient.  It is considered to make the very best carpets.  It does not promote the growth of bacteria and is not known to cause allergies. The microscopic scales on the fibre can trap and hold dust until it is vacuumed away.

Find luxury in Tarleton, wool mix carpets are easily the most affordable luxury carpet you can buy. Wool is naturally flame retardant and will produce less noxious fumes in case of fire. Our wide range of wool mix carpets is one of the largest in the area.  We find that a wool mix carpet last longer than a pure wool carpet as well as being more affordable.  You still get the luxurious feel of the wool but it is strengthened by the Nylon fibres. There are many different textures available to suit any home.  Our fitting team will fit the new carpet after having removed the old flooring.

Wool mix carpets in Tarleton are affordable.  Contact The Flooring Centre today or visit our 500 square meter showroom.  Our family run business will make finding a new carpet a pleasure.  We offer you a cup of tea and take you for a tour of our numerous products.  Our advice is practical and helpful as we have many years of experience with supplying carpets for families or businesses. Our design tables are the perfect place to start.  We can visit your home in the evening or on the weekend so that we do not interfere with your busy schedule.