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Karndean Flooring in Croston

Karndean Flooring in CrostonWhile installing Karndean flooring in Croston, it’s best to have it done by the specialists. At The Flooring Centre, we have a huge range of flooring products to suit your needs, taste and budget. As one of the biggest flooring retailers in Lancashire, we are a family run business. Our focus is on delivering quality products at the most affordable prices along with top-quality customer service. We offer our products and services to both residential and commercial projects. Our showrooms stock, display and supply a dazzling array of top-of-the-range carpets and luxury flooring. Whether you’re looking for wood, laminates or vinyl, we’re happy to help you make the right choice. We’re at your service, right from design advice, helping you select the perfect flooring product, to taking measurements, and providing full-service installation.

Karndean is a well-known brand of luxury vinyl flooring that we’re proud to be associated with. In Croston, Karndean flooring is gaining popularity. Most customers have queries about how it compares with conventional products like tiles, solid wood, laminates, carpeting, stone, glass or ceramic. Karndean reproduces the limestone, timber or slate look without the hassle, maintenance or expense. Additionally, Karndean also has strips, medallions and borders to complement these designs, so that you get a unique, exclusive, designer look for your floor. Karndean products are manufactured from high quality customised vinyl that’s tough, sturdy and very good-looking.

As a lower-cost flooring option, Karndean flooring in Croston is the perfect choice for homes and commercial spaces. The big plus points that customers who have purchased it report are that it is highly durable, easy to maintain, provides warmth and is very quiet underfoot. Karndean can last up to 20 years if it’s given a little care, unlike natural products like timber or man-made alternatives which could shrink, warp or curl at the edges. It doesn’t crack or chip and all it needs is a weekly mop with a pH neutral cleaner – this means no vacuuming or polishing. Contact The Flooring Centre if you would like to find out more about our available range of Karndean Flooring.  Quieter and warmer than stone or ceramic underfoot, your floors are great if you have pets, children and seniors.