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Man-made Carpets in Chorley

Man-made Carpets in ChorleyMan-made carpets in Chorley are a great choice when you want a tough, durable and affordable carpet. At The Flooring Centre, we stock a comprehensive range. Polyester and nylon are good examples of man-made fibres that are used in carpet manufacture. They’re both as enduring as wool but they may not look as luxurious or sophisticated as wool. Another fibre called polypropylene is also used extensively in the manufacture of man-made carpets. It is a popular choice for young families since it is very cost-effective per square metre. Since it’s stain and dirt resistant, polypropylene is a great option for kids’ rooms and play rooms. In fact, it’s very important to analyse your needs and life-style before you make a choice of carpet.

For homes in Chorley, man-made carpets can be put down in specific spots. There may be certain areas in your home that are “high traffic” like the hall, stairways, landings, while other areas are relatively “low traffic” like your bedrooms, or guest suites. You can consult our trained, experienced staff for advice. As flooring experts based in Preston, our family run business is uniquely positioned to understand the local environment, trends and requirements. Our team of qualified experts can provide the right guidance and point you in the right direction, whether you’re looking for a carpet for just one room or the entire house. We provide end-to-end solutions, from design and technical advice, to measuring your spaces, providing a wide selection and finally installing the product.

Today, man-made carpets in Chorley are so good looking that they are difficult to distinguish from wool. It’s important to ensure that they are treated for fire-resistance, since man-made fibres tend to be inflammable. You can also opt for blended fibres which give you the best of both worlds. When looking for man-made carpets, contact The Flooring Centre. Analyse your tastes, preferences and most importantly, your budget so that you get exactly the right product. Another thing to remember is that if you’re looking for a particular colour, ensure that you see it under natural light as well as artificial light that is close to what you have at home. For more information or to view samples, visit our showrooms.