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Man Made Carpets in Walton le Dale

Man Made Carpets in Walton le DaleMan made carpets in Walton le Dale make up the majority of wall to wall carpets purchased. The only natural fibre durable enough for full room carpeting is wool. Other natural fibres such as jute, silk, bamboo and more are usually used for small area rugs. So when you hear carpet described as synthetic wall to wall or whole house carpet, it’s not like there are a lot of other options. However, under synthetics, there are options; nylon, polyester, olefin and triexta. With rare exception, these synthetic carpets are more economical than natural fibres such as wool. There are differences within the synthetics. For instance, nylon is the most durable and Olefin is the least likely to stand up to heavy foot traffic with polyester and triexta rating somewhere in between.

Our staff is well versed in man made carpets and ready to help you make your selection. In Walton le Dale, man made carpets cover a broad spectrum. Once you know the colours you like we’ll help you find them in the price range you are comfortable with. We will also help you make good choices based on the amount of heavy foot traffic you expect. Four kids and two dogs is a good indication that a nylon blend fibre will be a good choice for your main living areas and stairways. Bedroom carpeting doesn’t have to be as durable since use is lighter and contact is usually with bare feet. Synthetic carpets are easy to clean with the hot water extraction method, which is an effective and safe system that leaves no residue behind. It’s the method of choice by most synthetic carpet manufacturers.

We stock many brands of man made carpets in Walton le Dale. The process of selecting the best carpet for your home can be stressful and we’re here to prevent that. We want your carpet shopping experience to be easy and comfortable. So, we work with you from selection through to professional installation. Questions and problems are addressed by our aftercare team. We want our customers to be completely satisfied and comfortable with their carpet selection. Contact us and we’ll tell you about our extensive selection of synthetic carpets to fit all budgets and styles. We will work with your schedule when taking measurements and all price quotes are free with no obligation.