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Penthouse Carpets in Fulwood

Penthouse Carpets in FulwoodIf you’re buying Penthouse carpets in Fulwood, there’s no better place than The Flooring Centre to get exactly what you want. Penthouse carpets are manufactured from 100% wool and are available in an attractive, unique variety of designs and textures. The products, made in their Rochdale factory, range from traditional English designs to sleek, contemporary floor décor. The pure wool carpets have a backing made of eco-friendly fibers like jute and up-cycled carpet waste based felt backings. Only the best British and New Zealand wool is used and spun by British artisans with a minimal blend of man-made fibers to enhance durability and springiness, and provide a softer landing if you happen to topple over!

Woolen carpets are a great option for those with growing families, as it can take a lot of rough and tumble, is easy to clean and retains its good looks for years, if not centuries. In Fulwood, Penthouse carpets are also a superb way to cut down ambient noise, as the fabric naturally absorbs sound. Another great advantage of wool is that it keeps you warm in winter and breathes well in warm weather. Being a natural fibre, it looks more classy and elegant when compared to synthetic options.

While selecting your Penthouse carpets in Fulwood, consult our experienced and knowledgeable design team. With decades of working with a range of homeowners and commercial building operators, we’re confident that we can provide the perfect flooring solution to match your needs, design aesthetics, tastes and budget. Penthouse carpets combine beauty and functionality, they’re soft, comfortable and also fire-resistant. Wool takes dyes very well and that means we’re able to offer you an almost unlimited range of colours and designs to suit your interior design plan. Contact The Flooring Centre for more about our available Penthouse carpets. Caring for your carpet is simple, provided you have a regular and consistent cleaning programme. A weekly thorough vacuuming would suffice with an extra session for high-traffic areas to keep loose dirt and dust out of your carpet. If you have pets or small children, a daily round with a carpet-sweeper keeps your Penthouse fresh and hygienic.