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Penthouse Carpets in St Annes

Penthouse Carpets in St AnnesFor the most extensive selection of Penthouse carpets in St Annes come to The Flooring Centre. We are one of the largest flooring centres in Lancashire. For us, it’s a privilege to be a stockist for Penthouse carpets because it’s one of the finest made carpets available and always has been. Young  people ask for Penthouse carpets because that’s what they grew up with. Penthouse for some is a family tradition. Penthouse carpets are British made from fine British and New Zealand wool. If you are carpeting most of the rooms in your home, you are making a significant investment. Penthouse carpet is an excellent investment because it holds its beauty, resilience and colour fastness for many years. The durability is proof of the quality.

Fine wool carpets are an excellent choice for any home but especially for family homes. For homes with children in St Annes, Penthouse carpets from fine wool have insulating properties that work to both keep the floor warm in winter and cool in summer. Those same properties keep the noise level buffered. Wool fibres repel moisture and dirt so spills dab up quickly and dirt is easily vacuumed. Wool is fire resistant and at The Flooring Centre we think that’s an important feature. We put our children in fire retardant pajamas in rooms with fire retardant bedding and drapes. Why wouldn’t we use carpet that is slow to catch fire and gives off less smoke and toxic fumes? Hopefully the fire retardant properties will never be an issue but it adds to an overall peace of mind.

Penthouse carpets in St Annes sold by our family owned business are displayed in many colours. Wool accepts dye easily so you can have almost any colour you want. Contact The Flooring Centre, or pay us a visit, and let us show you Penthouse carpets; the best example of practical and luxury to fill your home with comfort. Our staff is dedicated to excellent customer service from putting colour pallets together for you to installation of your final choice. Friendly, helpful and always professional is our promise. When you buy British Made products like Penthouse carpets from British owned retailers a much smaller carbon footprint left behind.