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Penthouse in Blackpool

Penthouse in BlackpoolPenthouse in Blackpool has been 40 years in the making and over those years have developed their luxurious wool-rich, twist-pile, tufted carpets to the renowned, fabulous carpets available today. Recently their carpet was fitted on the podium that the Queen used at the 300th Birthday of Larkhill’s Royal Artillery. You cannot have a more prestigious occurrence than this. These wonderful carpets are British made in close partnership with UK-based spinners. The carpets offer a huge range of wool rich and pure wool materials which are natural jute backed. Most carpets today have plastic type artificial backings. There are very few top quality carpets commercially available and you can pick them out by their backing.

In Blackpool, penthouse design is up to you. Everyone has unique requirements. You have a large range of styles and colours. There is also a number of differences in pile weight although they are all between 40 and 60 oz. The wool mix is normally 80% wool with 20% polypropylene. If you are looking for something more exclusive there is always the pure wool. Only the best raw materials are used in the manufacture of these high quality, fabulously sumptuous carpets. The flooring has natural soil-resistant properties and therefore can make a perfect carpet for high traffic areas and the softness and luxuriance is perfect for the bedroom.

Penthouse in Blackpool should be the starting point of your home’s design. Choosing the colours and patterns for the rooms is a good beginning. Once you have chosen these you can design your room around your carpet. There is not only a wide range of designs but new patterns and colours are coming out all the time. Some of the latest are two toned striped carpets which give a definite air of elegance. Prices are variable and there are some very affordable carpets in the range. One thing is for sure and that is the product is always soft, luxurious and of the highest standard. To find out more about Penthouse, contact The Flooring Centre.