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Penthouse in Hesketh Bank

Penthouse in Hesketh BankFor those who want fine quality British made wool carpeting consider Penthouse in Hesketh Bank. We carry this luxurious carpet for those who want luxury and durability. Those are the qualities found in pure natural wool. Wool has a sustainable source with little or no impact on the environment. Some are under the impression that an all wool carpet is not ideal for family living. Wool carpets will last longer under normal family wear than synthetic. If you think a wool carpet requires too much care, then talk to the sheep. They will tell you that wool repels water and dirt. Spills dab right up and the dirt doesn’t sink into the pile so it can easily be vacuumed. Wool responds better to professional cleaning than many synthetics. Even with family activity, it is easy to keep wool carpet looking good.

Wool carpet does not just look good. For floors in Hesketh Bank, Penthouse wool carpet feels as good as it looks. Few products are as soft underfoot as a quality Penthouse wool carpet. Because wool is a natural organic fibre it does more than look and feel good, especially in a family home. Wool is a natural insulator so it helps keep heat in yet it can insulate against excessive heat so it does not feel hot in the summer. You will be glad to know that your family is safer because wool is fire resistant. For those who know, Penthouse wool carpet is great in homes with large families because it is a natural noise insulator. A quieter environment all around.

Now that you know wool carpet by Penthouse in Hesketh Bank is ideal for family living, stop by The Flooring Centre. Our flooring consultants will offer you a cup of tea and show you the selection of colours and styles from the Penthouse line. When you have made your selections our team will come to your home and take precise measurements. There is no extra charge for the service. Contact The Flooring Centre today for more information about Penthouse carpets. Our installers are not only the best in the business but their customer service skills are superb. They will remove the furniture in the areas receiving new carpet. Then they will remove and dispose of your old carpet and prepare the floor before installing your new Penthouse wool carpet.