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Ryalux in Leyland

Ryalux in LeylandThe Flooring Centre is pleased to be a stockist for Ryalux in Leyland. We like to promote the Ryalux brand in our store because this company has proven they place great emphasis on quality and design in standard carpet and they cater to those needing custom carpet. Among their offerings you will find Saxony, shag pile, velvet, loop and tufted twist carpets. Ryalux is one of the UK’s leading tufted carpet manufacturers and the Flooring Centre counts on such dependable brands to meet our customers needs. Our reputation is only as good as the products we stock and sell to our customers. We take great care researching the brands we stock before we sell them to our customers.

Our family owned business has been serving customers for many years growing to be a leading independent flooring retailer in Lancashire and all of the North West. In Leyland, Ryalux is a favorite brand just as it is throughout the whole area. Our 500 square metre showroom offers a wide range of carpets and prices from which to choose and we have plenty of advice from experience as well. Our team of fitters make us proud and will install your new carpet with expert precision leaving nothing behind except beautiful new Ryalux carpets. They know how to measure so you don’t pay for more carpet than you need.

There is so much to see and touch in our line of Ryalux in Leyland. Carpet for the whole house or just one room brings you the same personal service. With so much to consider, contact us for a consultation and visit us at our showroom. Chat with us over a cup of tea and tell us what colour and price range interest you and we’ll have plenty to show you. Ryalux is a brand manufactured right here in the UK with a long history of dependability and quality. We are proud to offer it to our clients and we endeavor to make selection as easy as possible. There is a lot from which to choose but we know our stock and we can narrow down your selections to a manageable few.