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Woodpecker Wood Flooring in Penwortham – Stylish and Durable

Woodpecker Wood Flooring in Penwortham Few types of floors can match the beauty, style and durability of woodpecker wood flooring in Penwortham. Natural wood flooring enhances your property’s authenticity. Knowing that your floor is made from a tree adds its sentimental value. Unlike alternative floors that mimic natural materials, wood floors have life and character. Wood flooring blends well with several modern décor themes. Being a natural material, it is easy to find colour combinations to match your wood flooring. Furthermore, wood floors are popular among people who love traditional or rustic décor. Yet, modern minimalist designs such as Scandinavian themes are reviving the style.

Your wooden flooring quality depends on the manufacturer’s expertise. Hence, in Penwortham, woodpecker wood flooring is held in high regard. Woodpecker wood flooring has built a reputation for stellar workmanship and high-quality finishes. The woodpecker wood technicians work like a close-knit family manufacturing a flooring solution for one of their members. The same passion and attention to detail goes into the manufacture of every flooring panel. The company’s ethos is carried by every employee and has survived through five decades. Hence, today, the woodpecker company is in the hands of the founder’s grandson having been handed over through three generations.

As proud dealers of woodpecker wood flooring in Penwortham, we celebrate the company’s principles and morals that ensure our clients enjoy high-quality products. Having admired woodpecker wood flooring for decades, it automatically became one of our feature products when we opened our doors in 2008. We provide several flooring solutions and encourage wood flooring enthusiasts to consider our high-quality woodpecker wood flooring options. The company is so confident in its quality that it provides a 100-year guarantee for its wooden flooring solutions. Contact The Flooring Centre today for the best woodpecker flooring options in the North West. We work closely with flooring manufacturers because we know what our customers need. As a family-run business, we understand how diverse our client’s preferences can be. As such, we have 500 square meters of showroom space across four units with a broad selection of flooring solutions to suit every taste and budget.