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Wool Carpets in Walton le Dale

wool carpets in Walton le DaleEver wonder why wool carpets in Walton le Dale are the number one choice for most homeowners? Wool fibres are made from natural elements such as grass, rain and sun. No artificial elements are found in wool. As a result, wool is a natural and robust material, composed of amino acids. Since this is a sustainable material, it is environmentally sound to source. Wool is also renewable; meaning sheen sheering occurs every 9 to 12 months. In fact, sheep from New Zealand are renowned for their wool. This material is also biodegradable. During its breakdown process, plant-beneficial nutrients such as sulfur, carbon dioxide and nitrogen are released. Lastly, wool carpets are naturally soil and stain resistant. The overlapping scales of wool fiber are arranged like roof shingles. This inhibits dirt from sticking to the wool and flecks it away. Where can you purchase quality wool carpets?

If you live in Walton le Dale, wool carpets may be purchased from The Flooring Centre. We are the leading supplier of high quality wool carpets in Preston. At The Flooring Centre, we showcase a large and extensive collection of bleach cleanable and manmade wool carpets. In our 500 sq ft. showroom, you will find carpets from leading brands such as Brintons, Ulster, Ryalux, Penthouse and Bronte. We supply hard-wearing and luxury carpets from some of the most esteemed manufacturers in the industry. In addition to carpeting, we also provide a wide range of flooring such as solid wood, laminate, natural alternative floors and vinyl floors. We are proud to supply designer flooring from Ted Todd and Karndean. Just drop in and discuss your flooring requirements with one of our friendly and professional staff.

If you are looking for practical rug or carpet choices, consider installing wool carpets in Walton le Dale. Give The Flooring Centre a call today to discuss your needs. We’ll be happy to walk you through our selection of wool carpets. We also offer a professional fitting service.