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Wool Carpets in Preston

Wool Carpets in PrestonThe Flooring Centre sells all kinds of flooring but for some customers, wool carpets in Preston are the only choice. Who could blame them? Wool carpets are a great value because they wear like iron for years without losing their loft and new carpet look. Lovely lambs’ wool has been the fibre of choice for thousands of years. Certainly it is one of the most sustainable of our natural resources. For some, that is the reason they choose wool carpets. They prefer to surround themselves with natural products.  Our selection of wool carpet brands at the Flooring Centre are well known for their quality and design; like Cormar and Jacaranda. They are appreciated for the pure luxury they add to any room.

The feel of wool is a selling point for many. In Preston, wool carpets are softer to the touch than most synthetic fibres yet hold up better in heavy traffic areas. Another benefit of wool in heavy carpet areas is the ability to hide dirt. We are not suggesting you neglect cleaning your wool carpet according to manufacturer recommendations. It’s just nice that the nature of wool fibres conceal dirt yet it responds well to cleaning. Those same fibres are terrific insulators so your luxury wool carpet will also keep your floors warmer for barefoot walkers and young children at play. The same insulation qualities help keep your home quieter. With those same children in mind you will be glad to know wool carpet is flame resistant making it a safer choice for your home.

The greatest drawback for most people to wool carpets in Preston is the price. Wool carpets cost more up front but save you money overall because of their durability. At the Flooring Centre, we have a positive solution that perfectly counters that negative; 0% financing with easy payment terms. Don’t deny yourself. Contact The Flooring Centre or stop by our showroom and let our staff show you our many selections of wool carpet. Our long established family owned store is a full service for the highest customer satisfaction. Our installers are the best in the business.  Once you’ve chosen your carpet, our team will professionally install it to look its best and stay put for many years to come.