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Wool Mix Carpets in Leyland

Wool Mix Carpets in LeylandYou need some luxury in your home and wool mix carpets in Leyland will give you a wonderfully soft and luxurious finish to your rooms. Wool mix carpets are very popular as the synthetic fibres make the carpet more durable. Many wool carpets are blended with 20 % synthetic fibre to make them more affordable while still giving the feel and comfort of wool carpets. Wool has been used in the manufacture of carpets for centuries and many of the carpets and rug are still in use. It offers superb resilience to wear as the fibres are able to bounce back and recover after the pressure of foot traffic. It retains its looks for many years and is able to resist general soiling and can  easily be professionally cleaned.

Choosing new flooring can be very difficult as there are so many different types. In Leyland, wool mix carpets offer you warmth and elegance.  The wool mix carpet is also suitable for hard wearing areas like passages and stairs and it pays to choose a slightly heavier pile weight carpet for these areas. There are few rooms in the home that will not benefit from a wool mix carpet. The wool fibres have scaly edges which allow it to hide small dirt particles. These can be easily vacuumed up along with the dust which is also held in by the wool. This is very beneficial for allergy sufferers as the dust is kept in the carpet.

We supply some of the finest wool mix carpets in Leyland. Contact The Flooring Centre today or visit our showroom and feel how beautifully soft our carpets are. Our wool carpets are affordable and although synthetic carpets are cheaper they do not have the longevity of wool mix carpets. If you want a carpet to last many years and look fantastic throughout its life then you need to choose wool mix. Wool mix carpets are also burn resistant and do not melt if an ember falls on them.