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Solid Wood Floors in Burscough

Solid Wood Floors in BurscoughYou’ve made the decision for solid wood floors in Burscough for your home. The only way that can be a mistake is if you put it in a laundry room, shower room or basement. Wood and water don’t get along. That doesn’t mean you have to worry about the occasional spill, even in the kitchen. It’s the constant exposure to dampness or humidity that causes solid wood to soften and warp over time. Sometimes engineered wood will work fine in those areas. The way it’s constructed and sealed, water isn’t as likely to seep into the lower layers. Actually, engineered wood is solid wood. However, timeless, solid wood planks created straight from the tree with their own unique wood grain pattern are what you’re looking for. Your favourite stain will bring out the beauty of the grain. 

You never have to change your wood flooring because it never goes out of style. In Burscough, solid wood floors could last one-hundred years if properly cared for. You’ve probably seen a few such floors in some of our stately homes. Change the decor as often as you like, switch out the area rug, but the wood floor will fit right in. Of course, if you do want to change the look of the solid wood floor, you can. Maybe you have golden oak stain and you think you’d like a white oak. The current stain can be lightly sanded off to a smooth finish and a new white oak finish applied. Your beautiful wood grain pattern is still there and still like no other. We recommend you hire professionals for the job. Amateurs can do some serious damage to a wood floor with an electric sander. 

We have the solid wood floors in Burscough that will give you tremendous value for your money. We’re are selective and our many years’ experience has led us to recommend Ted Todd solid wood floors, so contact us today. We choose Ted Todd brand solid wood floors because they source their wood from well-known environmentally and ethically responsible sources. Ted Todd solid wood floors will last for generations and we will show you how best to care for your wood floors. It’s really simple. Our professional technicians will make sure your flooring installation is flawless. As a Premier Ted Todd Showroom, we’re able to offer our customers the best price.