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Ted Todd Floors in Hesketh Bank

Ted Todd Floors in Hesketh BankLet us introduce you to Ted Todd floors in Hesketh Bank when you visit The Flooring Centre showroom. For young families starting out in their own home, Ted Todd wood floors are one of the smartest financial decisions you can make, after buying your own home. Ted Todd wood floors will last a lifetime. Carpet and vinyl show wear after five to seven years, depending on quality. Therefore you have to replace them to keep your home looking clean and fresh. That is a big financial outlay every few years. When you have Ted Todd wood flooring, you never have to replace them. That is a big savings over the years plus installing wood floors will likely increase the value of your home right away.

Installing wood floors that last forever does not mean you are stuck with the same decor forever. In Hesketh Bank, Ted Todd floors are neutral. You can change your decorating style from traditional to contemporary to extreme modern and back again. Your Ted Todd floor will adapt to every change in style. There is a right way to maintain wood flooring but once you learn, it is easy. Whatever dust, dirt, or pet hair lands on your wood floor, a quick vacuum, dust mop or damp mop cleans it up. Since the wood does not hold dirt, food particles and mould, it is ideal for those with allergies.

Ted Todd Floors in Hesketh Bank are best viewed at The Flooring Centre. Our staff is well versed in wood floor products so they can explain the care and qualities. As a designated retailer, we can offer Ted Todd wood flooring at a lower cost to you. Contact The Flooring Centre to find out more about Ted Todd floors. Come to our showroom and see the many options available in the Ted Todd line of wood floors. Our sample sizes are large so you can really see what each design will look like on your floor. We also have smaller sizes for you to take home for colour matching. Financing is available for this important purchase and unlike your car, Ted Todd flooring will still look good long after it is paid for. We offer professional flooring installation by trusted and experienced fitters.